Home Theatre Buying Guide - Pt 1

Home Theatre Seating can be the difference between a makeshift media centre and a professional Home Theatre Room. It can upgrade a second living area to a dedicated & impressive entertainment room that can put you as the go to in your circle for entertainment and events or turn movies at home into a special experience. Let MySuiteHome help you choose the right option.

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Care Guide For Your Leather-based Home Theatre Seating

Using incorrect care products is usually the cause of deterioration in the leather as unfortunately most car care products contain waxes and oils or silicones which do not do the leather any good.

If you have any questions at all regarding caring for your Home Theatre Seating, whether it is prior or post purchase, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via our website or phone.

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How To Keep Your Fabric Home Theatre Seating Clean.

Part of the genius happens before you have even made the purchase! Make sure you choose the right fabric for the appropriate amount of wear and tear that the item will receive, as well as considering the amount of sunlight an item will deal with in its desired location. Examples include getting hard wearing, synthetic fibers for upholstered pieces that will be in heavy duty use areas.

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