When committing to a purchase, choose carefully. Our company policy states we do not automatically give a FULL REFUND or REFUND OF DEPOSIT by: changing your mind, misunderstandings, difficulties with assembly, or if the product differs from your expectations. Customers need to report faults and issues in writing at the time of delivery. If problems are reported within this timeframe then the company can negotiate with the customer on the best solution. If problems are reported outside these parameters then the company reserves the right to make the final decision. The company also reserves the right to charge a service fee if repair or services are required. Please see the Delivery and Assembly policy below for more information.

When an invoice has been generated, a transaction has taken place where you have committed and understood the conditions above. Please keep your receipt and invoice as proof of purchase.


Please also pay special attention to our warranty policy. All our Brand new products will come with a 12 months warranty covering both structure and material. Please be advised that structural warranty does not apply to scratches, bumps, blemishes, fabric or leather detailing and anything relating to small damages. All major damages need to be reported within the first 48 hours of delivery or on close inspection upon pickup as mentioned earlier.

If problems arise after delivery, the company reserves the right to charge a service or service call fee, if customers were to return goods for repair or require a member of staff to visit their premises. If items are covered within their warranty period and problems were indeed a manufacturing fault then the company shall bear all expenses provided the goods were returned at the customer’s own transportation costs. If an outcall is required then the company still reserves the right to charge a service fee.


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